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Why Freelance Beats a 9-5

Michael Wideman
Nov 2, 2017

Why Freelance Beats a 9-5 Job

     There are many people who decide to choose the freelance route as their main source of income and leave their 9-5 jobs in the dust. It’s most likely contingent on a few things like the ability to have flexible working hours compared to set hours. The opportunity to have a greater income potential than a set salary job. The option to work for more than one company or project at once. And finally having the say in what new projects you take on. Certainly, there are several reasons why people prefer freelance jobs rather than 9-5 jobs. Even though, not everyone is down with this kind of work compared to the office, the number of freelancers is increasing daily. And as I walk this journey into full-time freelance I’m starting to find out the Pros outweigh the Cons.

The Pros of Being a Freelancer

1. Freelancers have flexible working hours

      When you choose to go freelance, it means you are the boss (for better or worse) but either way you’re the boss. You decide your working hours to fit your schedule for what works for you. Because you are not like an employee of a 9-5 job who needs to go to the office every morning and get back in the afternoon you have the freedom to work when motivation hits you. For example, I operate at 110% from the hours of 5AM-11AM. Come 2:30 it’s nap time when that is usually frowned upon in the workplace, but not with freelancing where you never leave your PJs.

2. Freelancers have a greater income potential

      Since you are working based on your willing, you can determine how much you will earn each month. If you are serious about this, then you have the potential to earn a greater income than a fixed salary or hourly wage. But, it all depends on your work ethic. The more effort put in, the greater income you can achieve. What I'm saying is, its relative to your work ethic and if you're in the business of making money and wowing clients your work ethic can’t be sh*t.

3.  Freelancers can work for several companies at the same time

      Another pro of the freelance game is the ability to work for more than one client. Having an open schedule for clients on retainer is the way to go. They get first priority on work to be done as they are your bread and butter. Finding how many hours you can work in addition to how many retainers you can manage is that sweet spot. Don’t forget you always want to have some open hours for new clients and projects.

4. Freelancers can pick & choose jobs as they wish

      There are so many freelance jobs that you can choose and so many ways to get them. Sometimes work will come from your network and another day it may come from Upwork or Fiverr. Either way you have the freedom to pick and choose. So, being a freelancer that is really flexible with where your work comes from is a big plus. You can take a job that you really like. If you have some time management skills, then you can work on several projects at once.

In Conclusion

     As mentioned, there are a lot of freelance jobs that you can choose. In this digital era, you can utilize the internet to facilitate your freelance job. You can communicate and network with others using social media and email. Find appropriate freelance jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. And when you finally start seeing success with those jobs, you can start to gain momentum to doing the full switch to freelance. My one tip would be: understand that you don’t grow a tree overnight. You have to plant some part-time freelance seeds while you still have a full-time job. Always test the waters to see if its deep enough to jump in. And when you know it’s deep enough. Jump in and don’t look back!


Michael Wideman
Michael is a freelance designer. He enjoys designing websites & taking long walks on the beach.

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